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Super Bonder

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Maximize your clients retention  with our Super Bonder! This post set application is a must have for any lash artist wanting their clients lash extensions to last longer than 2 weeks. This Bonder cures from the outside in it gives your clients your clients the flexibility to go about their day without the effects of blooming ( white residue ) on their beautiful set of lash extensions it’s easy to use however but you can use it wrong if not following directions 

This product can be use with any products that are made for lash extensions only, works in a variety of humidity settings, cures adhesive quickly helps fight against sweat and debris


Aqua, Ethyl alcohol, Triethoanolamine, aloe perfume


  • Make sure Super Bonder is at room temperature 
  • after lash set is applied wait 3-5 minutes before application of bonder
  • take a micro brush/ lip stick wand apply a small amount of Bonder to either be sure not to overly saturate with product
  • apply product to the base of the lash line where the lash extension and natural lash meet 
  • Be sure not to soak lashes if you find that you did use to much product get a dry wand to soak up excess
  • Let the Bonder set for at least 1-2 minutes then fan while brushing through the lash set

You are all set


Professional use only 



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